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Green Juices

It all started with fruit juice!


As an advance aseptic cold filling natural fruit beverage factory in Asia with over 100,000 sq. ft.,
we ended up with large amounts of biomass from peeling, pressing and filtering juice; so we built a custom bioreactor to convert this "waste" into an array of sustainable biopolymer.

Our mission is simple;
solve the world’s plastic and food waste problems together!

We are FruitaBio, a biotech with the vision of converting plastic
from a problem and into a solution.

Our vision for the future is all about biopolymers made from agricultural and food waste sources.

Fruita Bio PHA Biomaterial.jpeg

The Material of the Future

PHA is a high quality biopolymer, and is the only plastic equivalent made directly from living cells, making it completely biocompatible. Our PHA products are classified as regular organic waste, and can be safely composted, even in low temperature home systems.

  • Bio-Compatible

  • Bio-Absorbable

  • Bio-Degradable

  • Anti Bacterial & Antiseptic

  • High Oxygen & UV Light Barrier

The Petro-Plastic Problem

Plastics have embedded themselves into every aspect of our lives, from consumer packaging to medical applications, to construction materials, modern life depends on plastics… And so far 99% have been made from petroleum.

Industry would have you believe that plastics can be endlessly recycled. The problem is, over 90% of plastic is used only once and thrown away, ending up in our rivers, oceans, farmland and air.

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