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We believe all packaging
should be petroleum-free

Our new PHA Biopolymers are designed specifically for use in an array of consumer, industrial and medical applications. The possibilities are endless.

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Bio Packaging

Our PHA is ideal for beverage, cosmetic and medical bottles, bubble wrap, cling wrap and sandwich zip bags.

When compared to traditional PET plastics, our PHA outperforms in every metric.

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Bio Functional Ingredients

Acts as an ideal carrier; slowly releases active ingredients. Our PHA is completely bio-absorbable, making it an ideal ingredient for sunscreens, acne gel and other skincare formulations.

Fruita Biomed Medical Products.png

Bio Medical Materials

Our PHA is an excellent biomaterial for capsules, supplements and drug carriers. It can also be molded into bio-bandages, and used for the delivery of vaccines and other biologic agents and ingredients.

Quality Certifications



Global Food Safety Management System

ISO 16929
ISO 17088


FSSC 22000
ISO 22000:2018

Certified Global Food Safety

Standard System of  Biodegradable Plastic Packaging for Food Contact Products

Certified Standard for Global Food Safety System for Hazard Analysis, Critical & Hygienic Control Process for Food & Pharmaceutical Contact Products

Home Compostable

EDP - Environmentally Biodegradable

Bioplastic Product Certified

(Equivalent to ASTM D6400, EN 13432)

FruitPlast Biodegradable Bubble Cushion

Bubble Cushion

FruitPlast Biodegradable Trash Bag

Trash Bag

FruitPlast Biodegradable Food Storage Bag

Food Storage Bag

FruitPlast Biodegradable Courier Envelope

Courier Envelope

FruitPlast Food Container

Food Container

FruitPlast Biodegradable Grocery Bag

Grocery Bag

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