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Fruita Biomed Co., Ltd., a bio-material tech start-up spin-off from beverage manufacturing through proprietary biotechnology by R&D scientists and bioengineering team. Our first task was to optimize fruit peels and waste from our fruit processing line. We analyzed the organic material as a molecular compound so that we could obtain a very effective substrate for the bacteria bioreaction pathways. Using well-known kinds of machine and bioreactor modification process, we convert the carbon source from the organic waste into the monomers and force the bacteria unbalanced condition to accumulate many monomers to be biopolymer in the microorganism cell itself by bioreactor plant. Then we extract, harvest, and purify mechanically to get high-quality biopolymer resin powder with less energy by sharing the transferred or leftover energy from our related industrial factories on the same campus. This low-cost production of biopolymer is polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA). Fruita Biomed is a subsidiary of a holding company Fruita Bio Limited.


PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) is the only bioplastic that is directly derived from living organism cells.

  • It is the biopolymer released from bacteria in the food waste

  • So, it is the bio-material that can degrade and completely decompose when exposed to oxygen, moisture and microorganism

  • As it is the biopolymer, it can replace fossil fuel plastics. Conventional plastics take hundreds of years to degrade and leave harmful microplastics in the environment

  • PHA plastic takes only 180 days to completely & naturally decompose after disposing into organic waste bin


Our solutions towards the replacement of fossil fuel plastics:

  • Bio Packaging

Our PHA is ideal for beverage, cosmetic and medical bottles, bubble wrap, cling wrap and sandwich zip bags. When compared to traditional PET plastics, our PHA outperforms in every metric.

  • Bio Functional Ingredients

Our PHA acts as an ideal carrier; slowly releasing active ingredients. It is completely bio-absorbable, making it an ideal ingredient for sunscreens, acne gel and other skincare formulations.

  • Bio Medical Materials

Our PHA is an excellent biomaterial for capsules, supplements and drug carriers. It can also be molded into bio-bandages, and used for the delivery of vaccines and other biologic agents and ingredients.


Our plant is located in Samkhok, Pathumthani, Thailand. It is the largest bioreactor plant in South East Asia with a capacity of 30,000 liters. We are committed to expand bioreactor plant production capacity to 300,000 liters at our new campus “Fruita BioPark”.

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