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The Future of Plastics Made with Fruits

We manufacture sustainable
PHA biopolymers, made from food waste.

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We have engineered and built the world most efficient bioprocessing line at our campus in Thailand. Our consistently hot and humid weather offers the ideal environment for our bioreaction process.


We continually gain the reaction conditions from various kind of waste, deep stacking the biomolecular structure big data for organic waste problem attacking.

Our own cutting edge engineering process

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Our source materials are banana, pineapple and mango peels, pulp and other food waste.


We bacterially produce PHA biopolymers in our bioreactors, using our in house developed process.

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We mold and produce finished product! Affordable, petroleum free, biocompatible plastics.

PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) is the only bioplastic that is directly derived from living organism cells.

  • It is the biopolymer released from bacteria in the food waste

  • So, it is the bio-material that can degrade and completely decompose when exposed to oxygen, moisture and microorganism

  • As it is the biopolymer, it can replace fossil fuel plastics. Conventional plastics take hundreds of years to degrade and leave harmful microplastics in the environment

  • PHA plastic takes only 180 days to completely & naturally decompose after disposing into organic waste bin

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